1.25" Round Aluminium Tag

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Our premium round name tags are hand crafted from 6mm thick aluminium and are approximately 31mm across. All of our tags are completely handmade. They are individually hand cut, shaped, drilled, stamped and coloured - no two tags will ever be the same, they are completely one of a kind.

Swarovski crystals are securely embedded into the tag and have been thoroughly tested by our 'shop dogs' for durability, longevity and crystal stability - they passed with flying colours and still look fab! You can choose up to two crystal colours to be incorporated into your tag.

Tags are completely customisable. You can have a short saying on the front of your tag (approximately 4-5 words) or your dog's name, and on the back your phone number or 'microchipped'. All tags come with a split ring to attach to your dog's collar.

Turnaround time is a maximum of 10 working days.