Adventure Awaits Cuff

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Dreaming of adventure? This pretty little cuff is happy to go with you wherever you do, as a reminder to go and explore the world.

'Adventure Awaits' is individually hand stamped into your cuff in the super cool unicase Dreamcake font. On each side of the wording are mountain and tree scenes, complete with a detailed moon.

Made from hypoallergenic aluminium, it's light as a feather and unique as you. Hand forged from sheet metal and perfectly imperfect, no two cuffs will ever be the same - such is the attraction to hand crafted wares. Cuffs are 6" long, 15mm wide and a sturdy 2.5mm thick. They can  be bent to suit your wrist shape with a little force and will not bend back out of shape easily. A bit of silver polish and a soft cloth will maintain its shine with ease.