CATTAI 5/8" Cat Collar - Black & Petrol

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This 'Cattai' collar is available, one only, in Black with Petrol hardware. A stunning petite collar, made from 5/8" soft yet tough biothane. Our cat collars come in a standard length of 20-29cm.

~About Biothane~

Biothane looks like leather, softer than leather, is stronger than leather and much more hard wearing than leather too. Did I mention it's waterproof? Doesn't retain odour? Comes in an array of really cool colours? It's totally Vegan friendly too!

Biothane really is the hidden gem in the pet industry, the horse industry have been using it for donkeys years, but as for cats? Not many people have really heard about it! PVC is very similar and has taken off recently, but it's slick and shiny and the core webbing tends to tear easily, not exactly something I'd trust the 'kitten love' of my life to...