16mm Double Braid Slip Collar

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Super soft double braid nylon slip collar in 16mm marine grade yachting rope. Designed specifically for medium and large breeds. Collar rings are back spliced and stitched with heavy M20 bonded nylon UV treated thread for ultimate strength and durability. 

The beauty of rolled slip collars is having full control over heavy pullers without damaging the coat. The rolled rope sits nicely between the coat without flattening it, and it doesn't 'cut the coat' (no hair breakage occurs) as the collar tightens. We use these exclusively on our Alaskan Malamute show dogs. 

Please measure the widest part of your dogs head with a soft tape for the perfect fit, leaving enough room to slip two fingers between the tape and the head - you don't want it too tight. Pop your measurement in the "Head Size" field for your collar to be custom made to fit. These collars suit dogs with a head size of 40cm or 16" and larger

Available in Ebony Black or Crystal White with Stainless Steel or Rose Gold hardware. Stitching options are Pink, Blue, Red, Purple, Black or White.