LOVEDALE Martingale Collar 3/4" with Brass Hardware

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The Lovedale martingale collar is part of our trendy two-tone range, and is super versatile. Stand out features are your choice of base colour, with the option of adding a contrasting accent colour for the chain ends. 

Held together with heavy duty chicago screws there is not a chance of this collar ever failing you or your dog. We've been using this collar (in gorgeous teal and white) as our go-to on our daily walks for well over a year now, and has held up to the extreme heat to flooding rains. The beauty of Biothane is it can handle its fair share of dirt, mud and grime, a quick wipe down with a damp Chux and it looks as good as new.

Please record your dogs neck and head measurements so that your collar can be made to size. Measure the widest part of your dogs head with a soft dressmakers tape, making sure it isn't too loose - it should be snug but not tight.

Choose your size collar based on your largest measurement.

  • X-Small   10" - 12"
  • Small       13" - 15"
  • Medium  16" - 18"
  • Large      19" - 21"

A D-ring in the handle is an optional extra. All brass is solid, not plated.


    ~ Fancy A Matching Leash? ~

    Check out our leash range to find the perfect match! All collars and leads are sold separately so you can put together the perfect combination.


    ~ About Biothane ~

    Biothane looks like leather, softer than leather, is stronger than leather and much more hard wearing than leather too. Did I mention it's waterproof? Doesn't retain odour? Comes in an array of really cool colours? It's totally Vegan friendly too!

    Biothane really is the hidden gem in the pet industry, the horse industry have been using it for donkeys years, but as for dogs? Not many people have really heard about it! PVC is very similar and has taken off recently, but it's slick and shiny and the core webbing tends to tear easily, not exactly something I'd trust the 'puppy love' of my life to...