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Completely hand forged and stamped onto hypoallergenic aluminium, these dog name tags are one of a kind. Moon tags are quite thick, large in size (1.5" tall) and are suitable for medium to large breeds.

For the front of your moon tag choose your font style, and have either your dogs name or a very short saying (the smaller the font the more words you can fit), the rest of the space is filled with stars, full moon, mountains and pine trees. Only one phone number will fit on the back side of our moon tags.

Our tags are thick, polished and paddock tough. All tags come with a complimentary key ring.


~ Fonts ~

Devious is super spooky! An all uppercase font that suits most tag sizes. It's 3.5mm tall but skinny enough to fit in lots of letters. If your dog has a long name or you want a short saying on your tag this is an excellent choice.

Dream Cake is a really fun font. Dream Cake is a unicase font, so it's a mix of complimenting upper and lowercase letters. It's a moderate size font with wide lettering so if your dog's name is quite long this may not be the best choice for tags, but is excellent on name plates.

Foxtrot is another uppercase only font. Tall with a moderate width it is suitable for most tags and name plates.

Pineapple comes in both upper and lowercase, and like Foxtrot it is suitable for most tags and nameplates. When choosing this font please be aware that it is case sensitive - I will stamp your tag out exactly as you type it in the 'name' field.

Glasgow is one of my favourites by far! It's BIG and is currently only available in uppercase. Glasgow is good for nameplates or Christmas ornaments. You can have this font on tags only if your dog has a short name (3-4 letters).

Hemera is another big font. It is available in two sizes and I will choose the size most suitable for your tag/name plate. This font is uppercase only, but the larger first swirly letter gives this font heaps of character.

She's All That is SUPER sweet! It is the smallest font we carry and suitable for all tags but possibly a bit small for name plates. She's All That consist of both upper and lowercase and is a cursive font.