'The Didi' 2" wide tapered to 1.5" dual layer leather dog collar

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The mega bling of bling collars! The dual layers really pop against your dogs coat, and stand out on even the fluffiest double coated breeds. Not to be missed are the sensational 'glitter in the sunlight' Swarovski's. Talk about wow factor, this collar is even more amazing in person.

An American style dual layered leather dog collar, made from two layers of English Sedgwick Bridle leather and adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals. Individually hand crafted in Australia, attention to detail and proper finishing of edges stand out above the rest.

'The Didi' consists of a 2" wide base layer, which is the main collar that tapers to 1.5" wide at the solid brass buckle and dee ring. The base layer also houses a Swarovski crystal and brass stud alternating pattern along the length to form a border. The base layer protects the dogs coat/neck from the back of the studs on the top panel.

The top layer is a 1.5" wide panel of crystals securely attached to the base layer with solid brass rivets/screws. 

Choose your colour theme and your collar will be made from crystals in a pattern from the lightest in the centre, to dark towards the edge. If you have a special request for certain Swarovski colours please make note of this during checkout. Available colours are listed in the photo slide if you have a specific colour in mind. Ss40 are the biggest crystals, ss34 are the middle size, and I can get most of the Swarovski colours in the smallest ss20 size.

There is a 4 week turnaround time for the creation of your custom leather collar.