Custom Basic Shape Crystal Tag

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Each tag is hand cut, shaped and polished to order from 3mm plate in either Brass or Aluminium. Size is approximately 1.25" - 2" depending on the shape you want (some designs may be longer than they are wide). Brass being a denser metal comes up quite shiny, Aluminium tends to have a more matte finish.


The shape you can request is entirely up to your own imagination. Basic shapes do NOT include animals or complex designs, but DO include and not limited to; flames, star, mermaid tail, Police badge, Christmas tree, crescent moon, flower, leaf, axe, mushroom, skull, crown, fruit or any other shape without lots of detailed twists and turns on the edges.


Please list your desired shape and any layout requests in the notes section, your text on the front and back of your tag, crystal colours and the option of picture stamps if you would like them. I will email you if I need more information.