Leather Utility Multi Leash

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Made from the same quality English bridle leather as our signature range of leather collars, with solid brass (gold) or nickel plated brass (silver) hardware. Leashes are 19mm wide and come in a standard overall length of 2 meters.

Utility Multi Leashes have 3 points of attachment and are incredibly versatile. You can use the leash hands free by clipping one end to the middle ring and wearing either over the shoulder or around the waist. Using it as a standard leash you have the option of having your leash at full length, 3/4 length or half length as a 3ft traffic leash. Lastly, having a clip on each end you can easily walk two dogs at once at half length if you need to.

Tying up is also a breeze as the handle unclips. You can easily loop the end around a solid object and clip it back onto itself - no more scouting for somewhere to pop a handle over!